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MOON Kyungwon & YCAM


First published by Workroom Press, Seoul, in 2017
© MOON Kyungwon & YCAM, 2017 All rights reserved.

Edited & Designed by Workroom
Edited & Management (pp.17–96, 99–197, 221–231) by Takuya Irie (SETENV)
Printed and bound by Screengraphic, Paju
With support from Arts Council Korea

ISBN 978-89-94207-80-3 / 03600


  • Prologue
  • Overview of the Promise Park Project
  • Promise Park Project 2013-2015
  • Parks as Collective Intelligence
  • The City as a Park
  • A Park Established over Ruins
    • Weaving and Proliferation
    • A Carpet as an Artistic Medium
    • Interview with Masataka Hosoo
    • Interview with Ken Furudate
  • Six Chapters toward Park Atlas: For the reminiscence of Parks as Archive Space of the World
  • Yamaguchi: The City as a Park
  • Talk: Cities and Future Parks
  • Parks as a Visionary Device: Extensive Readings and Reminiscence in Contemporary Art History
  • Three Stories toward Future Parks
  • Parks in Seoul
  • Post-industrial Ruin to Sublime Park: Seonyudo Park
  • A Brief Consideration of Meiji Shrine: The Unique, Dualistic “Park” Connected Behind It
  • 2016 Research, Workshop and Fieldwork: Scent
  • Epilogue
  • Glossary
  • Image Credit & Source