Promise Park Project [2013]
MOON Kyungwon "PromisePark"
[2-channel video installation]

Park as collective intelligence

Held at YCAM in 2013, the "art and collective intelligence" exhibition was an international group show themed on collective intelligence and the changes caused in forms of knowledge by way of computer-network combinations such as SNS, Wiki or Open developing platform. Participating artists discussed how artistic expression might be able to interfere and possibly transform our society, environment, philosophy and communication in the future.

Moon, who participated in the group show, chose her central subject as the "park" as an intersection of the natural and the manmade that has existed in cities in all ages and cultures, together with the role of collective intelligence based on the exhibition’s concept, and created the "Promise Park" envisioning designs of parks in the future.

art and collective intelligence
  • Times and Dates : 6th Jul, 2013 - 29th Sep, 2013 10:00-19:00
  • Venue : Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media [YCAM]
  • Participating artists : Tarek Atoui, contact Gonzo, Haque Design + Research, Norimichi Hirakawa, David Link, MOON Kyungwon
Promise Park (2013,YCAM) installation
Promise Park (2013, YCAM) installation

What will future parks look like ?

Assuming social and natural environments in the year 2070 that have significantly changed as a result of devastating natural calamities, Moon created this new video installation in which she presents new schemes for parks as they could exist in cities that are subject to such new environmental conditions, based on research conducted together with architects, landscape architects and botanists.

The piece combines two linear yet separate types of imagery - large-format 4K video footage projected onto the wall, and small-scale computer graphics projected onto the floor. While the live-action images express possible human concepts of nature in the future, the computer graphics depict a vision of future urban landscapes in which humans no longer exist on the ground level, but new "communities" are generated on the elevated level of skyscrapers’ rooftops.

Image from Promise Park (2013, YCAM)
Image from Promise Park (2013, YCAM)